Historic Building Signs


Was your home in Old Lyme built in 1939 or before? The Old Lyme Historic District Commission has a plaque program to acknowledge historic buildings throughout town. The plaques contain the name of the original owner, or the structure’s purpose (Captain Daniel Chadwick, J.A. Rowland’s General Store, etc.) and the approximate date of construction.

An Historic Plaque Application form for structures that qualify is available here (link) or from the OLHDC at Memorial Town Hall, 52 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT 06371 (Tel. 434-1605). Basic instructions on performing property research are available here (link). Additional assistance with research is available by contacting the Historic District Commission.

Please provide with this application:

  1. Current photo of the structure.
  2. Listing of volume and page numbers from the Old Lyme (1855 to the present) and Lyme (before 1855) Land Records tracing the ownership of the property from the present back to the original owner. This information is available in the town clerk’s office in the respective town halls.
  3. Include a photocopy or description of the Land Record providing the name of the original owner and the tract of land (neighbors to the north, east, west and south) at the time of the construction.
  4. Any other information that you feel supports the application.

The 16” x 13” handsome white oval plaques are made of a lightweight durable synthetic with black lettering. The plaques cost $120 and are easily installed using 1 1/2” brass screws.