Historic Photos




The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme circa 1920 OLHSI Archives

Memorial Town Hall, 1921 OLHSI Archives

Baptist Church, Old Lyme, circa 1920 Jennifer Hill House Collection

The Lord House, circa 1890 Courtesy of Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library

Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library, 1899 Courtesy of Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library

The Sill House, circa 1885 OLHSI Archives

Florence Griswold House, circa 1910 Courtesy of Florence Griswold Museum

Charles H. Ludington House, circa 1903 Luddington Family Collection

Center School, Lyme Street, 1913 OLHSI Archives

Lyme Street Looking North, circa 1934 OLHSI Archive

Original Old Lyme Inn on Ferry Road, circa 1900 OLHSI Archive

Old Lyme Grange, photo by Mabel Harris, circa 1929 OLHSI Archives

Boxwood Manor Inn, circa 1920 OLHSI Archive

Davis Furniture Shop, circa 1935 OLHSI Archive

Ferry Tavern Hotel, circa 1950 OLHSI Archive




Revelers on the beach at Sound View, circa 1910 Jim Lampos Collection

Tea on the lawn, Lyme Art Gallery, circa 1924 Jennifer Hill House Collection

Haynes Garage, Main Street in Old Lyme, 1936 Courtesy of the Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe and Cafe

Lyme Art Association, artists at work, circa 1925 Courtesy of Lyme Art Association

James Riddle's Team of white horses pulling old town hall down Lyme Street, circa 1921 OLHSI Archive

Sound View Beach on "Beach Day", circa 1915 Jim Lampos Collection

The Sinnott-Breen Cottage, circa 1921 Courtesy of the Breen Family

Hartford Avenue, No Thoroughfare, circa 1920 Jennifer Hill House Collection

Ruby Chapman, also known as 'The Candy Lady' with her mule Mike, circa 1910 Jim Lampos Collection

Hurricane of 1938 devastated Hawk's Nest Beach OLHSI Archive

Election Day - Tuesday November 7th 1900 OLHSI Archive

Old Lyme Fire Department volunteers with new firetruck, 1924 OLHSI Archives



Black Hall Memorial Bridge, circa 1900 OLHSI Archive

Old Lyme Ferry Boat "Colonial" at Lyme Landing, Old Lyme, circa 1905 OLHSI Archives

Lieutenant River Bridge, on Ferry Road, circa 1900 OLHSI Archives

Antique Cars displayed at Lyme Auto Service, circa 1925 OLHSI Archives

"The Lady Fenwick", the Ferry to Lyme, circa 1890 James Meehan Collection

Trolley on Lyme Street, circa 1915 Cynthia Taylor Collection

Connecticut River Bridge, looking east, Opening Day - August 24th, 1911 OLHSI Archives

Connecticut River Bridge, looking west, circa 1911 OLHSI Archive

Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge, looking east, 1948 Cynthia Taylor Collection

Old Lyme Black Hall Railroad Station, circa 1910 OLHSI Archives

Sound View Railroad Station, circa 1925 OLHSI Archive

South Lyme Station and Post Office, circa 1940 OLHSI Archives