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Hidden History of Old Lyme COVER.jpg

Hidden History
of Old Lyme, Lyme & East Lyme

By Jim Lampos & Michaelle Pearson
Arcadia Publishing &  History Press 2020

Old Lyme, Lyme, and East Lyme were once one town, founded in the 1600's. Known for early innovations in industry, government, and education, these towns also share a wealth of overlooked history.

PUBS Remark Women.jpg

Remarkable Women of Old Lyme

By Jim Lampos & Michaelle Pearson
History Press 2015

Old Lyme's history owes much to innovative women. Suffragist Katherine Ludington was co-founder of the League of Women Voters. In the 1830s, Phoebe Griffin Noyes started one of the first art schools in the country. At the turn of the 20th century, Florence Griswold welcomed the artists of the Lyme Art Colony by creating the "Birthplace of American Impressionism". By World War II, Teddy Kenyon had made her mark as a test pilot. Old Lyme's artistic tradition was continued by Elizabeth Cordon Chandler, who founded the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 1976. Hear the fascinating stories of these and other Remarkable Women of Old Lyme.   144 pages.

PUBS revolution in Lymes.jpg

Revolution in the Lymes
From the New Lights to the Sons of Liberty

By Jim Lampos & Michaelle Pearson
History Press 2016

The Revolutionary War in the Lymes started as a rebellion of ideas. From its origins in the Cromwellian Saybrook Colony, Lyme (today’s Lyme, Old Lyme, East Lyme and Salem) prospered under the free hand of self governance and spurned King George III’s efforts to rein in the wayward colonies. In 1765, Reverend Stephen Johnson wrote incendiary missives against the Stamp Act. A few years later, the town hosted its own Tea Party, burning one hundred pounds of British tea near the town green. When the alarm came from Lexington in 1775, Lyme’s citizens were among the first to answer. Historians Jim Lampos and Michaelle Pearson explore how local Patriots shaped an epic revolt. 160 pages.

4 PUBS hurricane.jpg

Hurricane of 1938:
Old Lyme Remembers

By Michele Dickey

This monograph commemorates the 70th anniversary of the hurricane that caused major property damage in Old Lyme, especially its beaches. Paperback, 45 pages

PUBS ancient.jpg

This Ancient and Interesting Town

This is a reprint of an 1876 article by Martha I. Lamb, originally published
in Harper’s magazine, that recounts Old Lyme’s history through anecdotes
about many of its prominent residents. Paperback, 40 pages.

PUBS poverty island.jpg

Poverty Island

By Neri A. Clark

This is a memoir of a young man’s adventures and hard times on a 500-acre island off Griswold Point during the Great Depression. Illustrations were provided by Old Lyme artist Catherine Christiano.

Paperback, 30 pages.

PUBS Charm of the Place.jpg

The Charm of the Place
Old Lyme in the 1920s


By Carolyn Wakeman

Inspired by the local advertisments on a rare, hand-painted, 1929 stage curtain in the Old Lyme Grange Hall, this book explores the town's social, economic and architectural landscape in the 1920s. Written by Old Lyme native Carolyn Wakeman, the book is illustrated with paintings, photos, postcards, and maps.
Paperback, Second edition, 88 pages.

2 PUBS landsavers.jpg

The Land Savers

By Peter Bernard

Written by Peter Bernard in cooperation with local conservation trusts and the Florence Griswold Museum. The Land Savers is an overview of the town's open space resources and how they came to be set aside in the first place. Includes color reproductions of American Impressionist paintings of local scenes. Paperback, 68 pages.

3 PUBS rum runners.jpg


Rum Runners, Governors, Beachcombers & Socialists
Views of the Beaches of Old Lyme

By Jim Lampos & Michaelle Pearson


Rum Runners is an intricately researched, intriguing exploration of the beach communities from Griswold Point in the west to Point O’ Woods in the east. Illustrations include a map of the Old Lyme shoreline, decades-old newspaper clippings and postcards, and original photographs.
Paperback, Fifth edition, 88 pages.


Goods & Gifts

2023 Calendar Cover wb2.jpg

"Then & Now"

Community Calendar  


13 GOODS NOTECARD-Hubbard Map.jpg

Platt Hubbard Map
Note Cards

Set of 8 colored Hubbard premium glossy note cards with envelopes.

5 x 7"

12 GOODS Walking tour teatowel.jpg

Lyme Street Historic Places
Tea Towel

Colorful depiction of historic Lyme Street shows map and houses designed by Edie Twining. A companion to our Walking Tour brochure. Cotton Linen Blend 18 x 27"

14 GOODS NOTECARD Walking tour.jpg

Lyme Street Historic Places Note Cards

Set of 8  Colored Historic Lyme Street glossy note cards - with envelopes.

5 x 7"

PRINTS Old Houses.jpeg

Noteworthy Houses
Poster & Booklet

A 16" x 20" four color poster of eleven local houses built between 1666 and 1913. The poster is accompanied by a
16 page booklet designed to include information about the architectural style and a snippet of local history for each of the houses.



Old Lyme Historical Society Tote Bag

Cotton Canvas tote bag carries letter sized folders and has an outside pocket for pens and keys.

5 x 9 x 12" tall.

Bonus 2 baseball cap.png

Old Lyme
Historical Society 
Baseball Cap

100% Cotton adjustable baseball cap with embroidered Old Lyme Historical Society logo.

1920s Map Charm of the Place.jpg

c. 1920's Map of Old Lyme

 Historic map of Old Lyme circa 1920's 13x20"

1868 Map Poster.jpg

c. 1886 Map of Old Lyme

Historic map of Old Lyme  14 x 17"

Goods & Gifts

CT River Tea Towel

Our latest tea towel originally created for 'estuary magazine' is a fun take on highlights along the Connecticut River.

Cotton Linen Blend 18 x 27"


Platt Hubbard Map
Matted Print

Limited Edition, original art engraving print. Custom octagonal mat ready for framing. 

8 x 10”


Platt Hubbard
Tea Towel

Taken from Hubbard's engraving the color version for tea towels and trays was produced by Edie Twining for the product line now on sale. 

Cotton Linen Blend.18 x 27"

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